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A ghost poet with lyrical wiles, undying melodies, meandering wordplays, and shaggy dreams. His songs appear like keen jewels in the dust, and enter your consciousness filled with juicy ambiguity, though fine-tuned enough to remain there and unleash all manners of firepower imagery in your purview.

Originally from Miami, Friend is shaking things up in the current post-folk movement. At an early age, he was strongly influenced by his West Virginian poet uncle, Larry Colker. He spent many summers in his uncle’s home state as a child, soaking in the surrounding music, which is where the “folk” in his sound trickles in. Combined with Inviting, blanketing orchestral elements and anchoring rock foundations, his records are fancy in their sheen yet resonate like familiar scenery. There are hooks in these songs, but more compelling is the mystery: a push-and-pull dichotomy for the listener to bridge the gap between the known and yet-to-be discovered.

In 2008, Friend released his proper debut, Secured and Fastened for Daisy Buchanan, recording it in Barry Gibb’s Miami home studio with Veltrac Music. In 2010, he released Lady Madly, recording it himself in Seattle and delving into more exploratory territory with mandolins, accordions, and violins. Long interested in visual as well as the auditory, Friend also made Lady Madly’s artwork.

After touring fervently and moving to Brooklyn, Friend is playing regularly and has recently released his third effort, Spirit Mirrir, reflecting the singer-songwriter’s peripatetic nature in finding new places, collaborators, muses, sensibilities, inspiration, and friends when producing a new album. He says this one will take on the notion of duality and capture the essence of a live show — another step forward for one of the most promising singer-songwriters to emerge from South Florida.

In addition to his band Cherry Jungle and solo pursuits, Sam has played in and continues to record with The Color Bars. He also founded the Ex Libris and Horizontal Sounds music series in Manhattan and Brooklyn.