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Check out Sam's new project Cherry Jungle on Soundcloud! Lover. Fighter. Lover of fighters. Fitter of lighters. Freighter of rivers. Liver of flicker. Unfrightened of another. A writer of fritters. A splitter of flitter. Speckles and freckles.


  • RT : Light and heat are the same energy, just at different wavelengths. Nye,
  • RT : It was therefore suggested that there was a substance called the "ether" that was present everywhere, even in "empty" space. Hawking,
  • RT : we'd b so in garage shows & tropical islands r r style Cherry Jungle – “The Ribbons And The Wrappings” ,
  • via Cherry Jungle; The Ribbons And The Wrappings ,
  • project luv When The Gramophone Rings Premiere: Cherry Jungle // The Ribbons and The Wrappings » via @GramophoneRings,


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