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SAM FRIEND & THE FRECKLES OFFICIAL SITE WELL COME Sam Friend. Lover. Fighter. Lover of fighters. Fitter of lighters. Freighter of rivers. Liver of flicker. Unfrightened of another. A writer of fritters. A splitter of flitter. Speckles and heckles. Sam Friend and The Freckles. by Matt Gajewski of Pure Imagination, introducing the group


  • Palm trees grow coconuts the size and toughness of cannonballs, so that they can float their seed to another island. Bill Nye,
  • Style is the ultimate morality of mind. Alfred North Whitehead (1929),
  • Subjectivity is actuality. responds the woman on the radio,
  • Do you think about time in a linear way? says the man on the radio,
  • We wish we were something that needed nothing, like paint. Miranda July,


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